Budget Summaries

The following links are to summaries of the expenditure, divisions and projects under the various Heads of Expenditure. They are intended to demystify the budget documents.


Note: These summaries are currently being worked on and will be added when completed.

HeadDescription2023 Budget allocation (*based on figures in the Appropriation (FY 2023) Bill 2022)
02Auditor General
04Industrial Court
06Service Commissions
07Statutory Authorities Service Commission$5,434,140
08Elections and Boundaries Commission
09Tax Appeal Board$8,604,800
11Registration, Recognition and Certification Board$4,152,900
12Public Service Appeal Board$3,223,000
13Office of the Prime Minister
15Tobago House of Assembly
16Central Administrative Services, Tobago$33,342,000
17Personnel Department$59,246,000
18Ministry of Finance
20Pensions and Gratuities$5,000,000
22Ministry of National Security
23Office of the Attorney General and Ministry of Legal Affairs
26Ministry of Education
28Ministry of Health
30Ministry of Labour
31Ministry of Public Administration
37Integrity Commission
38Environmental Commission$7,017,435
39Ministry of Public Utilities
40Ministry of Energy and Energy Industries
42Ministry of Rural Development and Local Government
43Ministry of Works and Transport
48Ministry of Trade and Industry
61Ministry of Housing and Urban Development
64Trinidad and Tobago Police Service
65Ministry of Foreign and CARICOM Affairs
67Ministry of Planning and Development
75Equal Opportunity Tribunal$6,802,900
77Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries
78Ministry of Social Development and Family Services
79Ministry of Sport and Community Development
80Ministry of Tourism, Culture and the Arts
81Ministry of Youth Development and National Service
82Ministry of Digital Transformation$333,682,220