Budget Summaries

The following links are to summaries of the expenditure, divisions and projects under the various Heads of Expenditure. They are intended to demystify the budget documents.


Note: These summaries are currently being worked on and will be added when completed.

HeadDescription2024 Budget allocation (*based on figures in the Appropriation (FY 2024) Bill 2023)
02Auditor General$33,792,945
04Industrial Court$29,029,200
06Service Commissions$81,337,290
07Statutory Authorities Service Commission$5,159,588
08Elections and Boundaries Commission$92,219,260
09Tax Appeal Board$5,824,200
11Registration, Recognition and Certification Board$4,258,000
12Public Service Appeal Board$3,223,000
13Office of the Prime Minister$662,649,524
15Tobago House of Assembly$2,558,000,000
16Central Administrative Services, Tobago$31,500,000
17Personnel Department$51,830,400
18Ministry of Finance$7,845,414,830
20Pensions and Gratuities$3,000,000
22Ministry of National Security$2,698,386,800
23Office of the Attorney General and Ministry of Legal Affairs$412,814,700
26Ministry of Education$6,145,435,000
28Ministry of Health$6,407,509,750
30Ministry of Labour$399,562,700
31Ministry of Public Administration$681,331,924
37Integrity Commission$7,580,288
38Environmental Commission$5,714,950
39Ministry of Public Utilities$2,826,724,000
40Ministry of Energy and Energy Industries$799,306,560
42Ministry of Rural Development and Local Government$2,573,534,000
43Ministry of Works and Transport$2,490,909,000
48Ministry of Trade and Industry$273,124,140
61Ministry of Housing and Urban Development$1,284,983,000
64Trinidad and Tobago Police Service$2,937,923,200
65Ministry of Foreign and CARICOM Affairs$256,700,000
67Ministry of Planning and Development$358,779,000
75Equal Opportunity Tribunal$5,210,900
77Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries$776,573,400
78Ministry of Social Development and Family Services$5,769,494,200
79Ministry of Sport and Community Development$483,963,200
80Ministry of Tourism, Culture and the Arts$360,096,000
81Ministry of Youth Development and National Service$270,312,000
82Ministry of Digital Transformation$279,645,032