Private Motion: Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative

Senate - 2nd Session - 9th Republican Parliament

BE IT RESOLVED that the government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago take immediate steps to give effect to proposals of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) through appropriate legislation and administrative action in respect of statistical reporting of oil, gas and mining revenue payments made to the government of Trinidad and Tobago by the various companies involved in the exploitation of our natural resources in order to promote energy revenue transparency which has been deemed a non-partisan issue by EITI.

(By Senator Wade Mark)

23 Jun 2009
Senate Debate - Day 1Hansard
4 speakersShow Speakers
1.Senator Wade Mark [Opposition Senator]
2.Senator the Honourable Conrad Enill [Minister of Energy and Energy Industries]
3.Senator Dana Seetahal SC [Independent Senator]
4.Senator Raphael Cumberbatch [Opposition Senator (Temporary)]
29 Sep 2009
Senate Debate - Day 2Hansard
5 speakersShow Speakers
1.Senator Basharat Ali [Independent Senator]
2.Senator Mohammed Faisal Rahman [Opposition Senator]
3.Senator Subhas Ramkhelawan [Independent Senator]
4.Senator the Honourable Dr. Emily Gaynor Dick-Forde [Minister of Planning, Housing and the Environment]
5.Senator Helen Drayton [Independent Senator]
3 Nov 2009
Senate Debate - Day 3Hansard
4 speakersShow Speakers
1.Senator Dr. Adesh Nanan [Opposition Senator]
2.Senator Gail Merhair [Independent Senator]
3.Senator Wade Mark [Opposition Senator]
4.Senator the Honourable Conrad Enill [Minister of Energy and Energy Industries]