Senator the Honourable Dr. Emily Gaynor Dick-Forde


Dr. Emily Gaynor Dick Forde was appointed a Senator in December 2007, at which time she was also appointed Minister of Planning, Housing and the Environment.

Dr. Dick-Forde obtained her Ph.D. in Accounting (corporate social and environmental reporting) from the University of Dundee, Scotland, 2000. She obtained the M. Phil. in Finance from the University of Cambridge England in 1989 and a B.Sc. in Accounting (First Class Honours) from the University of the West Indies in 1986.

Dr. Dick-Forde is also a Certified Management Accountant with CMA Ontario, Canada. She is a Fellow of the Cambridge Commonwealth Trust and a scholarship winner with the Cambridge Commonwealth Trust, the Association of Commonwealth Universities and the University of Dundee, Scotland (International Student Scholarship). From 1991 to 2007 she was employed at the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus in the Department of Management Studies. She was Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences from 1998 to 2002. For the academic year 2005/2006 she acted as Head Department of Management Studies. She has previously worked at middle management level in the banking sector (commercial and Central Bank) in Trinidad and Tobago and Barbados.

Dr. Dick Forde's research and consultancy interests include corporate social responsibility and reporting, sustainable banking, corporate governance (structures and agents), critical accounting theory, and issues relating to the development of the region's accounting profession. She has published papers in the areas of environmental reporting and critical accounting research. She has conducted a Caribbean wide survey on CSR- Perceptions and Practices and Management Accounting Practices by manufacturing companies in the region.

Dr. Dick-Forde lectured on financial and management accounting, financial management, international finance, and corporate social responsibility at the graduate and undergraduate levels.

She is married with three children.

Maiden Contribution

The Senate - Tuesday March 04, 2008
The Basel Convention (Regional Centre for Training and Technology Transfer) Bill, 2008