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The Table in front of the Speaker's Chair at which the Clerk and the other Table Officers sit. Copies of frequently consulted procedural authorities are kept on the Table for the convenience of Members and the Mace is placed on top of it when the House is sitting.

Table Officers
The Clerks who provide procedural advice during sittings of the House, take the votes and keep the minutes of proceedings. Synonym: Clerks-at-the-Table.

take note debate
Debate on a motion which includes the words that the House "takes note" of an issue to allow Members to express their views.

Terms of reference
An order of the House to a committee instructing it to consider some matter or defining the scope of its deliberations.

third parties
Generally, political parties represented in the House which are smaller in size than the Official Opposition party.

third reading
The last stage of consideration of a bill in the House, at the conclusion of which the bill as a whole is either finally approved or rejected.