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A Member who is not a Presiding Officer, a Government Minister or a Parliamentary Secretary. See also: private Member.

bar (of the House)
A barrier inside the Chamber beyond which uninvited officials, the Media and other non-Members may not be admitted.

A legislative body comprised of two chambers or Houses. The House of Representatives and the Senate are the two Houses of Trinidad and Tobago's Parliament.

A proposed law submitted to Parliament for its approval. It may originate either with the Government, with a private Member or with a private body and may relate either to public or private interests. Bills may be first introduced in either the House or the Senate, but bills for appropriation of public revenue or for taxation must be introduced in the House of Representatives by a Minister.

breach of privilege
An infringement of one of the specific privileges of the House or its Members which prevents them from carrying out their functions. The House is asked to deal with an alleged breach only when it appears to the Speaker/President of the Senate to be evident (prima facie).

The Government's statement of its fiscal, economic and social policies. It is presented once a year.

budget debate
A debate on a motion approving the Government's budgetary policy. The motion is moved by the Minister of Finance following the presentation of the budget speech. Compare: budget debate. Distinguish: budget. Synonym: budget presentation.

business of the House
Any question, motion or bill which is placed before the House, whether introduced by a minister or by a private Member.

An election held to fill a vacancy arising during the course of a Parliament. The date of the by-election is fixed by the President. Compare: general election.