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There are currently 8 definitions in this directory beginning with the letter I.
impute motives
Impute bad motives or motives different from those acknowledged to a Member.

in absentia election
The election of a presiding officer in the House or in committee when the candidate is not present.

in camera meeting
A meeting from which the public is excluded. Committees routinely meet in this way to deal with administrative matters and to consider draft reports.

independent Member
A Member who is not a member of a recognized political party.

A study undertaken by a standing or special committee of the House. It may be initiated as a result of a standing or special order or, in the case of a (Departmental) Joint Select Committee, it may be initiated by the committee itself.

A direction by the House to a committee which has already received an order of reference, further defining its course of action or empowering it to do something. There are two types of instructions: permissive and mandatory.

interpretation clause
A clause of a bill which contains the definitions of certain terms used in the bill.

introduction of a bill
Thefirst presentation of a bill to Parliament for its consideration. Leave to introduce a bill is granted automatically, without debate, amendment or question put. A Bill is only introduced in the First House. It is read a First time in the Second House.