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Independence talks took place between Trinidad and Tobago and Britain, the result of which was full independence, celebrated on August 31, 1962.


On Friday December 29th, 1961 the House of Representatives and the Senate sat for the first time in the history of the Parliament of Trinidad and Tobago.

Until 1961

Until 1961, the legislature was unicameral, but with independence came the recommendation for the creation of a bicameral legislature, comprising a Senate and an elected House of Representatives.


A Federation of the West Indian islands was formed in 1958 but when Jamaica withdrew in 1961, Trinidad and Tobago decided that it was time to receive full independence so that it could pursue its own governance.


The return of Dr. Eric Williams from abroad, heralded a vibrant era of party politics since he was encouraged to form a political party. On September 24, 1956 Dr. Williams’ party, the People’s National Movement, won 13 of the 24 seats on the Legislative Council. After detailed discussions with the..Read More


A Commission Franchise was established to investigate the preparedness of Trinidad and Tobago for self-government and recommended that a limited franchise of seven (7) members be appointed by the Governor. This lay the foundation for constitutional reform.

The emancipation of slaves, the ending of indentured labour and the discovery of oil in Trinidad all generated an increased population, demanding adult suffrage and ultimately, independence for Trinidad and Tobago.