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The work of rebuilding it began the following year, and the Red House, as we know it today, was erected on the same site. It was opened to the public on the 4th February, 1907, by Governor, Sir H.M. Jackson. The building was designed and built by D. M. Hahn,..Read More


In 1897, as Trinidad was preparing to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria, the buildings were given a coat of red paint, and the public promptly referred to them thereafter as the Red House. This direct ancestor of our present Red House was burnt to the ground on the..Read More

Foundation Laid

On the 15th February, 1844 the Governor, Sir Henry McLeod, laid the foundation stone for a new block of government buildings, on a site on the west side of Brunswick Square (now Woodford Square). The land belonged to a group of eight persons. The architect was Mr. Richard Bridgens, Superintendent..Read More


British House of Commons considered the question of the future of Trinidad and Tobago and decided to reject a request by the resident planters for a bicameral legislature and internal self-government.


Trinidad, “discovered” by Christopher Columbus in 1498 was to pass under the governance of the Spanish, French and English with full power ceded to the British in the eighteenth century.