5th Session of the 11th Republican Parliament

The Miscellaneous Provisions (Local Government Reform) Bill, 2019

AN ACT to amend the Municipal Corporations Act, Chap. 25:04, the Burial Grounds Act, Chap. 30:50, the Cremation Act, Chap 30:51, the Advertisements Regulation Act, Chap. 30:53, the Recreation Grounds and Pastures Act, Chap. 41:01, the Highways Act, Chap. 48:01, the Dogs Act, Chap. 67:54 and the Property Taxes Act, Chap. 76:04.

This Bill was brought forward from the 4th Session. View the Bill Essentials here.

Introduced By:
Kazim Hosein
Bill No:
House of Representatives Bill 13 of 2019
Introduced On:
House of Representatives - Bill Lapsed


24 May 2019
House of Representatives
Bill brought from the 4th Session
1 speakersShow Speakers
1.Sen. the Hon. Kazim Hosein [Minister of Rural Development and Local Government]
2 Oct 2019
Referred to Committee Hansard
3 Jul 2020
Bill Lapsed Hansard
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