Private Motion: Recognition of Former Presidents and Prime Ministers

Senate - 2nd Session - 10th Republican Parliament

WHEREAS the year 2012 will mark the 50th Anniversary of this nation’s Independence;

AND WHEREAS since 1962, several Heads of State and Heads of Government have made outstanding contributions to the advancement of this republic;

AND WHEREAS there exists a Memorial Collection of the contributions of the late Dr. Eric Eustace Williams, first Prime Minister of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago whose centennial takes place later in 2011;

AND WHEREAS Arthur Napoleon Raymond Robinson who served this country both as President and Prime Minister has initiated the Castara Project of his pursuits and achievements;

AND WHEREAS one method of bestowing honour on these office holders is through the establishment and maintenance of memorials in recognition of their contributions to the development of the nation during the course of their tenure;

AND WHEREAS the Honourable Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago in tribute to the first President of Trinidad and Tobago announced the endowment of the Sir Ellis Clarke Chair in Commonwealth Parliamentary and Constitutional Studies at the University of the West Indies;

BE IT RESOLVED that there be established formal tangible memorials of the work and contributions of all the former Heads of State and Heads of Government of this country;

AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that there be instituted a State-funded arrangement whereby the contributions of all who served in the offices of President and Prime Minister of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago will be recognized.

(By Senator Corinne Baptiste McKnight)

24 Apr 2012
Senate Debate - Day 1Hansard
5 speakersShow Speakers
1.Senator Corinne Baptiste-McKnight [Independent Senator]
2. Dr. Bhoendradatt Tewarie [Minister of Planning and the Economy]
4.Senator Helen Drayton [Independent Senator]
5.Senator David Abdulah [Government Senator]
22 May 2012
Senate Debate - Day 2Hansard
4 speakersShow Speakers
1.The Honourable Fitzgerald Hinds [Opposition Senator]
2.Senator Basharat Ali [Independent Senator]
3.Senator the Honourable Jamal Mohammed [Government Senator (Temporary)]
4.The Honourable Faris Al-Rawi [Opposition Senator]
25 Jun 2012
Senate Debate - Day 3Hansard
3 speakersShow Speakers
1.The Honourable Pennelope Beckles-Robinson [Leader of Opposition Business in the Senate]
2.Senator Elton Prescott SC [Independent Senator]
3.Senator Corinne Baptiste-McKnight [Independent Senator]