3rd Session of the 8th Republican Parliament

The Tobago House of Assembly (Amendment) Bill, 2005

An Act to amend the Tobago House of Assembly Act, 1996.

* The purpose of this Bill is to amend the Tobago House of Assembly Act, No. 40 of 1996 to increase the number of secretaries from five to seven.
* The Bill lapsed upon the prorogation of the Third Session of the Eighth Parliament on 08 September 2005.

Introduced By:
Stanford Callender
Bill No:
House of Representatives Bill 8 of 2005
Introduced On:
Published In Gazette On
20-Apr-2005, Vol.44 No.68
House of Representatives - Bill Lapsed


20 Apr 2005
House of Representatives
1 speakersShow Speakers
1.Hon. Stanford Callender, MP [Tobago West] [Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister]
8 Sep 2005
Bill Lapsed
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