5th Session of the 5th Republican Parliament

The Planning and Development of Land Bill, 1999

An Act to provide for the orderly and progressive development of land in both urban and rural areas and to preserve and improve the amenities thereof, for the grant of permission to develop land and for other powers of control over the use of land and the design, construction and occupation of buildings; to confer additional powers for the protection of the environment, and the architectural and cultural heritage, and for the acquisition and development of land for planning; and to provide for purposes connected with the matters aforesaid

This Bill was withdrawn from the Senate on 22 August 2000 and the Planning and Development of Land Bill, 2000 was introduced in the House of Representatives on 18 August 2000.

Introduced By:
John Humphrey
Bill No:
Senate Bill 45 of 1999
Introduced In:
Introduced On:
Published In Gazette On
26-Oct-1999, Vol.38 No.200
Senate - Bill Withdrawn


26 Oct 1999
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1.Hon. John Humphrey, MP [St. Augustine] [Minister of Housing and Settlements]
22 Aug 2000
Bill Withdrawn Hansard
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1.Sen. the Hon. Wade Mark [Minister of Public Administration]
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