2nd Session of the 11th Republican Parliament

The Miscellaneous Provisions (Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters, Proceeds of Crime, Financial Intelligence Unit of Trinidad and Tobago, Customs and Exchange Control) Bill, 2017

AN Act to amend the Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters Act, the Proceeds of Crime Act, the Financial Intelligence Unit of Trinidad and Tobago Act, the Customs Act and the Exchange Control Act

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Introduced By:
Faris Al-Rawi
Bill No:
House of Representatives Bill 2 of 2017
Introduced On:
Published In Gazette On
13-Jan-2017, Vol. 56, No. 9
House of Representatives - 1st Reading of the Bill


13 Jan 2017
House of Representatives
The Bill was carried over to the 3rd Session of the 11th Parliament as per the provisions of Standing Order 79(3).
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1.Hon. Faris Al-Rawi, MP [San Fernando West] [Attorney General]
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