1st Session of the 11th Republican Parliament

The Insurance Bill, 2016

An Act to repeal and replace the Insurance Act, Chap. 84:01; to reform the law relating to insurance companies; to regulate insurance businesses and privately administered pension fund plans and for other related purposes

The purpose of the Insurance Bill, 2016 is to provide a new regulatory framework for the insurance industry and to continue to provide for the regulation of privately administered pension fund plans and to repeal the existing Insurance Act, Chap. 84:01. The Bill as introduced requires a special (three-fifths) majority in order to be passed.

Introduced By:
Colm Imbert
Bill No:
House of Representatives Bill 9 of 2016
Introduced On:
House of Representatives - 1st Reading of the Bill


1 Jul 2016
House of Representatives
1 speakersShow Speakers
1.Hon. Colm Imbert, MP [Diego Martin North/East] [Minister of Finance]
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