3rd Session of the 8th Republican Parliament

The Constitution (Amendment)(No.2) Bill, 2004

An Act to amend the Constitution of Trinidad and Tobago

* The purpose of this Bill is to provide for the jurisdiction of the Caribbean Court of Justice in Trinidad and Tobago and replace the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council with the Caribbean Court of Justice, as the final court of appellate jurisdiction.
* The Bill requires a three-fourths majority in the House and a two-thirds majority in the Senate in order to be passed.
* The Bill lapsed upon the prorogation of the Third Session of the Eighth Parliament on 08 September 2005.

Introduced By:
Glenda Morean-Phillip
Bill No:
House of Representatives Bill 21 of 2004
Introduced On:
Published In Gazette On
10-Sep-2004, Vol.43 No.160
House of Representatives - Bill Lapsed


10 Sep 2004
House of Representatives
1 speakersShow Speakers
1.Sen. the Hon. John Jeremie, SC [Attorney General]
8 Sep 2005
Bill Lapsed
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