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SNC Lavalin Hospital Project

House of Representatives - 4th Session - 10th Republican Parliament

WHEREAS the Canadian Commercial Corporation (CCC) has confirmed by way of a media release published in two Daily Newspapers in Trinidad and Tobago in June 2013 that the Urban Development Corporation of Trinidad and Tobago (UDeCOTT,) on the recommendation of CCC, signed a contract in February 2013 with SNC-Lavalin to design a Hospital in Penal;

AND WHEREAS CCC has also confirmed that the design contract for this Hospital Project was awarded by UDeCOTT to SNC-Lavalin, on the recommendation of CCC, on a sole selective basis without any competitive tendering;

AND WHEREAS it is estimated that the construction of this Hospital Project will cost the taxpayers of Trinidad and Tobago approximately TT$1 Billion;

AND WHEREAS SNC-Lavalin is presently embroiled in allegations and findings of irregular payments to public officials, misconduct, corruption and bribery in projects in a number of developing countries;

BE IT RESOLVED that this Honorable House urge the Government to terminate all existing contracts with SNC-Lavalin for this Hospital Project and to cease and desist from entering into any future contractual relationships with SNC-Lavalin or any of its affiliates;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the procurement process for this Hospital and all such future Projects in Trinidad and Tobago be subject to open and transparent competitive tendering.

(By the Member for Diego Martin North/East)

27 Sep 2013
House Debate - Day 1Hansard
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1.The Honourable Colm Imbert [Diego Martin North/East] [Opposition Member]
2. Dr. Roodal Moonilal [Oropouche East] [Minister of Housing and Urban Development]