Initiate and implement a strategy to assist children with disabilities and learning needs

Senate - 4th Session - 11th Republican Parliament

WHEREAS section 6(2) of the Education Act Chap. 39:01 provides that the Ministry of Education should provide special schools suitable to the requirements of students with physical and learning disabilities;

AND WHEREAS the Ministry has not provided students with disabilities, additional learning needs and/or challenging behaviours with the requisite support networks, and equal opportunities needed to achieve their full potential;

AND WHEREAS the lack of adequate funding, policies and specialist staff is reflected in the poor performance of students;

BE IT RESOLVED that this Senate call on the Government to commit to the allocation of adequate funding, reform of the appropriate legislation and revision of policies designed to ensure that all children with special needs are provided with equal educational opportunities to other students;

AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Ministry of Education immediately initiate and implement a comprehensive strategy to assist all children with disabilities, additional learning needs and/or challenging behaviours.

(By Senator Paul Richards)

12 Mar 2019
Senate Debate - Day 1Hansard
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1.Senator Dr. Paul Richards [Independent Senator]
2.The Honourable Anthony Garcia [Arima] [Minister of Education]
3.Mrs. Anita Haynes-Alleyne [Opposition Senator]
4.Senator Charrise Seepersad [Independent Senator]
5.Senator Hazel Thompson-Ahye [Independent Senator]
6.Senator the Honourable Jennifer Baptiste-Primus [Minister of Labour and Small Enterprise Development]