Tuesday 26th September 2023

    12:10 a.m.Parliamentary Personalities
    Winston Dookeran
    1:00 a.m.Parliamentary Update
    Rotunda Gallery
    Through the Eyes of Men
    1:15 a.m.Parliamentary Exceptions
    Crowne Plaza Accord
    1:20 a.m.Parliamentyary Personalities
    Emmanuel Hosein
    APT James
    1:50 a.m.Parliamentary Updates
    Rotunda Gallery
    Through the Eyes of Women
    2:05 a.m.Parliamentary Exceptions
    Gang of Three
    2:10 a.m.Parliamentary Personalities
    Joseph Toney
    Selwyn Richardson
    2:40 a.m.The Water Riots
    3:00 a.m.Parliamentary Personalities
    Selby Wilson
    ANR Robinson
    Anthony Smart
    4:15 a.m.Parliamentary Exceptions
    33-3 A coalition of Various Interests
    4:25 a.m.Rotunda Gallery
    Rotunda Gallery
    Honouring Women
    4:40 a.m.Parliamentary Personalities
    Dr. Eastlyn Mc Kenzie
    4:50 a.m.This Land is Ours
    5:30 a.m.The Vote
    6:00 a.m.The Red House
    The Return
    6:50 a.m.Within These Walls
    The Red House
    7:05 a.m.Democracy
    7:30 a.m.Parliamentary Personalities
    Tubal Uriah Butler
    Marilyn Gordon
    8:20 a.m.What Independence Means to Me
    8:40 a.m.This Land is Ours
    9:10 a.m.Parliamentary Personalities
    Patrick Manning
    10:00 a.m.Meeting of the JSC on Social Services and Public Administration
    Wednesday June28, 2023
    12:15:p.m.Parliamentary Personalities
    Patrick Manning
    Winston Dookeran
    1:55 p.m.Parliamentary Updates
    Wreath Laying Ceremony
    2:00 p.m.Parliamentary Personalities
    Dr. Linda Baboolal
    Timothy Roodal
    2:30 p.m.Ceremonial Opening of the Fourth Session of the Twelfth Parliament
    Monday September 11, 2023
    5:00 p.m.Parliamentary Personalities
    Patrick Manning
    ANR Robinson
    6:30 p.m.Within These Walls
    White Hall
    Treasury Building
    6:40 p.m.Meeting of the Public Administration and Appropriations Committee
    Wednesday June 14, 2023
    9:50 p.m.Parliamentary Personalities
    Michael Als
    Nizam Mohammed
    10:40 p.m.How Laws are Made
    11:15 p.m.Securing a Nation
    11:30 p.m.Parliamentary Personalities
    Lloyd Phillips
    Emmanuel Hosein