Tuesday 19th March 2024

    2:25 a.m.Women in Politics in Trinidad and Tobago
    The Pioneers
    3:15 a.m.Parliamentary Personalities
    Rev Daniel Teelucksingh
    Sharon Gopaul McNicol
    3:45 a.m.Town Hall Meeting
    JSC on Social Services and Public Administration
    Thursday March 7, 2024
    6:00 a.m.Parliament and Tobago
    6:15 a.m.The Republican Era
    6:30 a.m.Parliamentary Personalities
    Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj
    7:00 a.m.The Road to Forty One
    7:25 a.m.International Women's Day Interview
    Kathryn Nurse
    7:30 a.m.THA Documentary
    8:00 a.m.Red House
    The Return;;
    8:45 a.m.The Water Riots
    9:10 a.m.Parliamentary Personalities
    Diana Mahabir Wyatt
    Chanka Maharaj
    10:00 a.m.Meeting of the JSC on National Security
    Wednesday January 31, 2024
    12:24 p.m.International Women's Day Interview
    Darilyn Smart
    12:35p.m.Parliamentary Update
    Rotunda Gallery
    12:45 p.m.Parliamentary Persoanalities
    Andrew Cassimire
    1:10 p.m.International Women's Day Interviews
    Arlene Chow
    1:30 p.m.Live Sitting of the Senate
    8:30 p.m.International Women' s Day Interview
    Rayshawn Pierre-Kerr
    8:40 p.m.Parliamentary Personalities
    Tajmool Hosein
    9:05 p.m.International Women's Day Interview
    Kathryn Nurse
    9:15 p.m.Rebroadcast of the Sitting of the Senate