6th Sitting of the Senate

2nd Session - 11th Republican Parliament

Monday 19 December, 2016
1:30 PM
Announcements By The President/Vice-President
Leave of Absence

Leave of Absence was granted to Sen. the Hon. Franklin Khan, Senator Khadijah Ameen and Senator Daniel Solomon. Ms. Alisha Romano, Mr. Wayne Munro and Mr. Gerald Hadeed and were appointed temporary Senators in their absence.

Oath Of Allegiance Of A New Member
Temporary Senators

Three temporary Senators took their oaths of allegiance.

Forty-five Papers

Forty-five papers were laid in the names of the Minister of Finance, Minister of Rural Development and Local Government, Minister of Public Administration and Communications, Prime Minister, Minister of Works and Transport, Vice-President of the Senate, Minister of Social Development and Family Services, Minister of Planning and Development and Minister of Public Utilities. See Order Paper and Supplemental Order Paper for details.

Presentation Of Reports From Select Committees
Four Reports

Four Reports were presented. See Order Paper for details.

Questions To Ministers: Oral Answer
Three urgent questions

Three urgent questions were posed. See Order Paper for details.

Questions To Ministers: Oral Answer
Three Questions

Three questions qualified for oral answer. See Order Paper for details.

Introduction Of Bills
Two Bills

The Attorney General introduced the Miscellaneous Provisions (Marriage) Bill 2016 and the Minister of Finance introduced the Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Property (Amendment) Bill 2016.

Motions Relating To The Business Or Sittings Of The House And Moved By A Minister Or Parliamentary Secretary
Appointment to Joint Select Committees

Acting Leader of Government Business, Sen. the Hon. Paula Gopee-Scoon moved a motion to assign and re-assign members of a few Joint Select Committees. The motion was carried.

Government Business: Bills Second Reading
The Finance (No. 3) Bill 2016

Debate commenced on the Finance (No. 3) Bill, 2016. The Bill was read a third time and passed.

The Senate adjourned to a date to be fixed

Prior to the adjournment, all benches brought Christmas greetings to the nation. The Sitting concluded at 12:28 a.m. on Tuesday December 20, 2016. The Senate adjourned to a date to be fixed.