46th Sitting of the Senate

2nd Session - 9th Republican Parliament

Wednesday 30 December, 2009
1:30 PM
One Paper

One Paper was laid by the Leader of Government Business on behalf of the Minister of Science, Technology and Tertiary Education. See the Order Paper.

Questions To Ministers: Oral Answer
Seven Questions

Seven Questions qualify for oral answer. All Questions were deferred. See the Order Paper for details.

Questions To Ministers: Written Answer
Ten Questions

Ten Questions qualify for written answer. See the Order Paper.

Government Business: Bills Second Reading
The Property Tax Bill, 2009

Debate resumed on the Property Tax Bill, 2009. Sen. Basharat Ali was first to debate, followed by Sen. Mohammed Faisal Rahman and the Attorney General. Eleven members made contributions on this day (16 over the course of two days) before the Minister rose to conclude. The Bill was not referred to a Committee of the whole. At third reading the Bill was passed by a margin of 16 for, 12 opposed and one abstention.

The Senate adjourned to Tuesday January 5, 2010

At its next sitting the Senate will debate a Motion to affirm the Prison (Amendment) Rules, 2009, continue debate on the Integrity in Public Life (Amendment) Bill, 2009, and consider matters under Committee business. Before adjourning, several members extended New Year’s greetings to the national community.