House of Representatives


35th Sitting of the House of Representatives

1st Session - 10th Republican Parliament

Friday 11 March, 2011
1:30 PM
Announcements By The Speaker/Deputy Speaker
Leave of Absence

The Speaker granted leave of absence to the Member for Barataria San Juan (March 3-16, 2011), and to the Member for Laventille West, San Fernando East and St. Ann’s East (today’s sitting). In the case of Laventille West, the Speaker informed the House of the passing of the father of the Member and directed that an appropriate letter of condolence be sent to the members of the family.

Bills Brought From The Senate
The Miscellaneous Provisions (Kidnapping and Bail) Bill, 2010

The Miscellaneous Provisions (Kidnapping and Bail) Bill, 2010 was read a first time in the House of Representatives in the name of the Minister of National Security.

Statements By Ministers
Visit by the Prime Minister to the United Kingdom for Commonwealth Week

The Minister of Foreign Affairs made a statement concerning the upcoming visit to the United Kingdom by a delegation led by the Prime Minister (who is the Chair in Office of the Commonwealth) to commemorate Commonwealth Week.

Statements By Ministers
Carnival 2011

Later in the proceedings, the Minister of Arts and Multiculturalism made a statement on the just concluded Carnival 2011.

Presentation Of Reports From Select Committees
JSC - Anti Gang and Bail (Amendent) Bill, 2010

The Minister of Legal Affairs presented a report of the Joint Select Committee on the Anti Gang Bill, 2010 and the Bail (Amendment) Bill, 2010.

Introduction Of Bills
Three Bills

The Land Adjudication (Amendment) Bill, 2011, the Registration of Titles to Land (Amendment) Bill, 2011 and the State Suits Limitation Bill, 2011 were introduced.

Government Business: Bills Second Reading
The Statutory Authorities (Amendment) Bill, 2010

The Minister of Finance moved the second reading of the Statutory Authorities (Amendment) Bill, 2010. The Member for Port-of-Spain North/St. Ann’s West was first to respond, followed by the Minister of Housing and the Environment and the Member for La Brea. The Minister of Finance then rose to conclude. The Bill was considered in Committee and passed without amendment. It was then read a third time and passed.

Committee Business: Motions
Motion: Adopt Report - JSC Parliamentary Accommodation

The Minister of Trade and Industry moved a Motion to adopt the First Report of the Joint Select of the Joint Select Committee appointed to consider and report to Parliament on essential guiding policies related to Member and staff accommodation during the Restoration of the Red House Project. The Member for Diego Martin North/East made a brief intervention before the Minister of Trade and Industry rose to conclude. The Motion was approved.

The House adjourns to Friday March 25, 2011 at 1:30 p.m.

The House adjourned to Friday March 25, 2011 at 1:30 p.m. At the next sitting, Private Business will take precedence.