32nd Sitting of the Senate

2nd Session - 12th Republican Parliament

Thursday 23 June, 2022
2:30 PM
Announcements By The President/Vice-President
Leave of Absence

The President of the Senate granted leave of absence to Sen. the Hon. Allyson West from today’s Sitting. Mr. Michael Seales was appointed to temporarily replace Senator West during her absence.

Sen. Michael Seales [Government Senator (Temporary)]
Bills Brought From The House Of Representatives
The National Insurance (Amendment) Bill, 2022

The National Insurance (Amendment) Bill, 2022, which was passed in the House of Representatives on June 22, 2022, is expected to be read a first time in the Senate in the name of the Minister of Finance.

Two Papers

Two Papers were laid. See the Supplemental Order Paper.

Questions To Ministers: Oral Answer
One Urgent Question

One Urgent Question qualifies for oral answer. See the Order Paper.

Hon. Terrence Deyalsingh, MP [Minister of Health]
Questions To Ministers: Oral Answer
Three Questions on Notice

Three Questions on Notice qualify for oral answer. See the Order Paper.

Hon. Dr. Nyan Gadsby-Dolly, MP [Minister of Education]
Hon. Marvin Gonzales, MP [Minister of Public Utilities]
Government Business: Bills Second Reading
The Sexual Offences (Amendment)(No.2) Bill, 2021

The Attorney General moved the second reading of the Sexual Offences (Amendment)(No.2) Bill, 2021. Nine members made contributions before the Attorney General rose to wind up. The Bill was considered in Committee of the Whole and approved without amendment. It was then read a third time and passed.

Sen. the Hon. Reginald Armour SC [Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs]
Sen. Jayanti Lutchmedial [Opposition Senator]
Sen. Dr. Paul Richards [Independent Senator]
Sen. Laurel Lezama-Lee Sing [Government Senator]
Sen. Jearlean John [Opposition Senator]
Sen. Hazel Thompson-Ahye [Independent Senator]
Sen Laurence Hislop [Government Senator]
Sen. Wade Mark [Opposition Senator]
Sen. Dr. Maria Dillon-Remy [Independent Senator]
Sen. the Hon. Renuka Sagramsingh-Sooklal [Minister in the Office of the Attorney General and Ministry of Legal Affairs]
Matter On The Adjournment
One Matter

Senator Wade Mark raised one Matter on the Motion for the Adjournment of the Senate, the need for the Government to explain the arrangement whereby Inspectors at the Operational Safety and Health Authority and Agency are employed on a month-to-month contractual basis. The Minister of Labour responded.

Sen. Wade Mark [Opposition Senator]
Hon. Stephen Mc Clashie, MP [Minister of Labour]
The Senate adjourned to Tuesday June 28, 2022 at 1:30 p.m.

At the next Sitting, debate is expected to resume on a Private Motion by Senator Anthony Vieira. The Sitting ended at 7:05 p.m.