24th Sitting of the Senate

1st Session - 10th Republican Parliament

Tuesday 1 February, 2011
1:30 PM
Bills Brought From The House Of Representatives
The Miscellaneous Provisions (Remand) Bill, 2010

The Miscellaneous Provisions (Remand) Bill, 2010, which was passed in the House of Representatives on Friday January 21, 2011, was read a first time in the Senate in the name of the Attorney General.

Four Papers

Four Papers were laid. See the Order Paper and Supplemental Order Paper.

Questions To Ministers: Oral Answer
Ten Questions

Ten Questions qualify for oral answer. Eight questions were answered and two deferred. See the Order Paper.

Questions To Ministers: Written Answer
Two Questions

Two Questions qualify for written response. See the Order Paper.

Government Business: Motions
Establish JSC - Legislative Proposals - Prevention of Corruption Act.

The Attorney General moved a Motion to establish a Joint Select Committee to consider the Legislative Proposal for the Amendment of the Prevention of Corruption Act, Chap. 11:11. Sen. Fitzgerald Hinds was first to respond to the Motion, followed by Sen. Subhas Ramkhelawan and Sen. David Abdulah. A total of 15 Senators made contributions before the Attorney General rose to conclude. The Motion was approved. A division was taken, the result of which was 17 for, 9 against, 1 abstention. The Motion was approved.

The Senate adjourned to Tuesday February 8, 2011 at 1:30 p.m.

At the next sitting, debate is expected to begin on the Statutory Authorities (Amendment) Bill, 2010. Time permitting, debate will also commence on the Miscellaneous Provisions (Kidnapping and Bail) Bill, 2010. The sitting ended at 12:37 a.m. on Wednesday February 2, 2011.