House of Representatives


1st Sitting of the House of Representatives

5th Session - 10th Republican Parliament

Monday 4 August, 2014
1:30 PM
A Proclamation
Opening of the 5th Session of the 10th Parliament

The Clerk of the House read a Proclamation by His Excellency the President declaring the 5th Session of the 10th Parliament of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago open.

Announcements By The Speaker/Deputy Speaker
Announcements / Leave of Absence

Leave of absence was granted to the Member for La Horquetta/Talparo, the Member for Lopinot/Bon Air West, the Member for Laventille East/Morvant and the Member for Diego Martin Central who asked to be excused from today’s sitting of the House. Leave was also granted to the Member for Laventille West who asked to be excused from the House for the period of August 1st – Aug 12th, 2014.

The Speaker of the House then stated that he received a letter from the Member for D’Abadie/O’Meara at approximately 9:03 a.m. tendering his resignation from the constituency with immediate effect. He then declared the seat of the Member for D’Abadie/O’meara, vacant.

Statements By Ministers
New Standing Orders

The Prime Minister made a statement expressing pride in the new Standing Orders of Parliament. She also advised the House about some of the legislation to be brought before the House, including the Constitutional Amendment Bill, 2014, which addresses term limits for the Prime Minister, recall of members of the House of Representatives, and permitting only candidates who have earned more than fifty percent of the votes cast in their respective constituencies to be elected as members of the House of Representatives.

Introduction Of Bills
Three Bills

Three Bills were introduced. See the Supplemental Order Paper.

Adjourned to August 11th, 2014 at 10:30 a.m.

The House adjourned to Monday August 11, 2014 at 10:30 a.m. at which time the Constitution (Amendment) Bill, 2014 will be considered.