17th Sitting of the Senate

3rd Session - 12th Republican Parliament

Tuesday 2 May, 2023
1:30 PM
Announcements By The President/Vice-President
Leave of absence

Leave of absence was granted to Sen. the Hon. Paula Gopee-Scoon and Sen. Paul Richards, who are out of the country. Mr. Ndale Young and Mr. Josh Drayton were appointed temporary Senators in their place.

Oath Of Allegiance Of A New Member
Temporary Senators

Temporary Senators Ndale Young and Josh Drayton took the oath of allegiance.

Sen. Ndale Young [Government Senator (Temporary)]
Sen. Josh Drayton [Independent Senator (Temporary)]
Three Papers

Three papers were laid. See Order Paper for details.

Sen. the Hon. Dr. Amery Browne [Minister of Foreign and CARICOM Affairs]
Questions To Ministers: Oral Answer
Two Urgent Questions

Two urgent questions were posed and answered.

Sen. Wade Mark [Opposition Senator]
Hon. Dr. Nyan Gadsby-Dolly, MP [Minister of Education]
Questions To Ministers: Oral Answer
Five Questions on Notice

Five questions qualified for oral answer. All questions were answered. See Order Paper.

Sen. Wade Mark [Opposition Senator]
Hon. Colm Imbert, MP [Minister of Finance]
Sen. Amrita Deonarine [Independent Senator]
Sen. Anthony Vieira SC [Independent Senator]
Sen. the Hon. Randall Mitchell [Minister of Tourism, Culture and the Arts]
Government Business: Motions
Acquisition of Lands for Public Purposes

The Minister of Works and Transport, Sen. the Hon. Rohan Sinanan, moved a motion to approve the decision of the President to acquire the lands (described in Appendix II of the Order Paper) for the public purpose specified. Four Senators made contributions before the Minister of Works and Transport rose to wind up the debate. The Motion was approved.

Sen. the Hon. Rohan Sinanan [Minister of Works and Transport]
Sen. Wade Mark [Opposition Senator]
Sen. Dr. Varma Deyalsingh [Independent Senator]
Sen. Jayanti Lutchmedial-Ramdial [Opposition Senator]
Sen. Deoroop Teemal [Independent Senator]
Matter On The Adjournment
Two Matters

Senator Hazel Thompson-Ahye raised the need for the Government to urgently review the Unit Trust Corporation of Trinidad and Tobago Act, Chapter 83:03 with a view to addressing matters related to the property of mentally-ill and deceased Unit Holders. The Minister in the Ministry of Finance, Hon. Brian Manning. MP, responded.

Senator Wade Mark raised a matter regarding the need for the Government to provide a status report on the establishment of a second National Investment Fund. The Minister in the Ministry of Finance, Hon. Brian Manning. MP, responded.

Sen. Hazel Thompson-Ahye [Independent Senator]
Hon. Brian Manning, MP [Minister in the Ministry of Finance]
Sen. Wade Mark [Opposition Senator]
The Senate adjourned to a date to be fixed

The Sitting concluded at 5:03 p.m.