House of Representatives


Refer Draft Amendments to the Standing Orders Committee

House of Representatives - 6th Session - 5th Republican Parliament

WHEREAS the Constitution (Amdt.) Act, No. 29 of 1999, inter alia, amended the Constitution to provide for the establishment of Joint Select Committees to investigate and report to Parliament on the powers and functioning and criteria adopted by Government Ministries, Municipal Corporations, Statutory Authorities, Service Commissions and by enterprises owned and controlled by or on behalf of the State or funded by the State to the extent of two-thirds of their annual income:

AND WHEREAS section 4 of the said Constitution (Amdt.) Act, 1999 provides for the Act to come into force when Standing Orders are made to give effect to section 66A:

BE IT RESOLVED that the draft of the proposed amendments to the Standing Orders of the House of Representatives listed in the Appendix be referred to the Standing Orders Committee for consideration.

(By the Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs)

23 Oct 2000
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1.Mr. Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj SC [Couva South] [Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs]