Government’s Management of the COVID-19 pandemic

Senate - 3rd Session - 12th Republican Parliament

WHEREAS it is the duty of the Government to provide safe, reliable and compassionate healthcare services for all citizens during a pandemic;

AND WHEREAS during the COVID-19 pandemic the Government has failed to address the inequities in accessing healthcare services;

AND WHEREAS the Government has failed to meet the international standards for patient care, as is stated in the Report of the Committee Appointed to Investigate the Factors Contributing to Clinical Outcomes of COVID-19 Patients in Trinidad and Tobago;

AND WHEREAS the Government has failed to effectively manage resources to facilitate the movement of critically ill patients to and from our nation’s hospitals;

BE IT RESOLVED that this Senate take note of the unacceptable number of deaths from COVID-19;

AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this Senate call on the Government to take immediate steps to initiate a Commission of Enquiry into the Government’s management of the COVID-19 pandemic at our nation’s healthcare institutions.

(By Senator David Nakhid)

29 Nov 2022
Senate Debate - Day 1Hansard
4 speakersShow Speakers
1.Senator David Nakhid [Opposition Senator]
2.The Honourable Terrence Deyalsingh [St. Joseph] [Minister of Health]
3.Senator Dr. Varma Deyalsingh [Independent Senator]
4.Senator Dr. Tim Gopeesingh [Opposition Senator (Temporary)]