Mr. Raymond Palackdharrysingh


A former student of Presentation College, Mr. Raymond Pallackdharrysingh’s journey into the political arena began at the tender age of 20 years. He joined the Workers and Farmers Party, contesting the 1966 general elections but was unsuccessful, the party having lost their seats. Subsequently, in 1986 he joined the National Alliance for Reconstruction as Assistant General Secretary but soon found himself on both sides of the field, as he had to choose between loyalty to the party and loyalty to his colleagues. Due to internal bickerings between former United Labour Front leader Basdeo Panday and other members of the party, the Club for Love, Unity and Brotherhood (Club 88) was formed.

He piloted a motion to have CLUB 88 converted to an official political Party. As a result, on October 16th 1988 the United National Congress was born. Mr. Pallackdharrysingh is also known for his pivotal role as part of a radical movement, known as ‘The Young Power Movement’ founded by former Government Senator Michael Als which changed the social consciousness of this country.

He first entered Parliament as the Member for Naparima in 1986 as part of the NAR, and later as an Opposition MP for the UNC in 1992 with his win of the newly established Caroni-Central seat, which he served from 1992 to 1995, until he left the political arena to further his studies. Today, Mr. Pallackdharrysingh lends his multiple academic skills and vast knowledge to the University of Trinidad and Tobago, where he teaches humanities and human skills.