Miss Haffezar Khan

Ms. Haffezar Khan first entered Parliament as the MP for St. Augustine in 1976 as a member of the United Labour Front

Ms. Khan was born in 1955 in Diego Martin and attended the Four Roads Government Primary School and Diego Martin Secondary School (Trinidad).

Miss Khan worked at Radio Trinidad as a receptionist; as a reporter and features writer at the “Bomb” newspaper and the “Sunday Punch” newspaper, under the editorial direction of the late Patrick Chocolingo and the late Irwin Sandy. She also worked as an advertising sales representative for the Trinidad Express newspaper before quitting her job to contest the general elections in 1976. At the age of twenty-one, she became the only woman in the Opposition and the youngest woman to be elected to Parliament in the western hemisphere at that time.

Ms. Khan's maiden contribution in the Parliament concerned proposals for the introduction of the National Insurance System.  During her tenure she tabled a private motion asking for the introduction of a system of nursery education and teacher training in Trinidad and Tobago. She participated in many debates, including the annual budget debates and proposals by the then Attorney General (Hon. Selwyn Richardson) for punishment for sexual offences, when she asked that the Press be barred from reporting on rape trials for the protection and privacy of rape victims. She also called for psychiatric help for the victims and for the rapists.

Ms. Khan would later attend East Durham College (England) and the University of Sunderland (England). She works as a specialist tutor in English Literacy, working in Adult and Community Education (England).