Senator Amrita Deonarine


Ms. Amrita Deonarine first entered the Parliament as an Independent Senator in 2018.

Ms. Deonarine is an economist, providing strategic guidance on macroeconomics and development while advocating for evidence-based decision-making. Throughout her career, Ms. Deonarine focused on sustainability of fiscal policy and public financial management, including tax administration, public expenditure efficiency, debt sustainability, medium-term fiscal frameworks, strengthening public procurement systems, and building national statistical capacity.

Prior to becoming an Independent Senator, Ms. Deonarine worked as a consultant at the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), where she was responsible for monitoring and evaluating the performance of IDB's lending portfolio. Additionally, she designed and implemented development projects and built the capacity of public entities in project execution. She also co-authored the IDB Group Country Strategy 2016-2020 and played a leading role in annual country programming, identifying thematic areas for IDB's loan portfolio and technical assistance.

Ms. Deonarine holds an MSc in Economics with Distinction from the University of the West Indies and is a National Scholarship winner.