Trinidad and Tobago hosts Hansard Editors

The Parliament of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago will host the Tenth Triennial Conference of Commonwealth Hansard Editors from August 15 to 20, 2011 at the Trinidad Hilton and Convention Centre. An estimated 60 delegates representing legislatures from more than 20 Commonwealth countries are expected to participate in the Conference.

"Hansard" is the name of the printed transcripts of parliamentary debates in the Westminster system of government. It is named after the Englishman Thomas Curson Hansard, who was granted permission in 1909 by the English Parliament for the printing and publication of Parliamentary debates.

The Association of Hansard Editors of the Commonwealth convenes once every three (3) years to discuss matters relative to the role of Hansard and Hansard Reporting in legislatures. This Conference provides the free exchange of information on reporting techniques, procedures and advancements in both printing and publishing technology. Since its inception in 1984, it will be the first time that this Conference will be held in the Caribbean.

The theme of the Tenth Conference is "e-Volving Parliaments: Hansard – Meeting the Challenges". It is anticipated that this theme will generate interactive discourse on the methods used by Hansard Departments within our legislatures when faced with issues arising from evolution of the systems of governance. This Conference will provide the local Hansard department of Trinidad and Tobago’s Parliament with the opportunity to share experiences of best practices for Hansard’s further development.

The Hansard Unit of the Office of Parliament in Trinidad and Tobago is headed by the Editor of the Official Report. Assistance is provided by four Subeditors in the editing of the debates of both Houses of Parliament: the Senate and  House  of  Representatives,  inclusive  of  editing  all  Select  Committees  of  both Houses of Parliament, the Public Accounts Committee, Public Accounts (Enterprises) Committee and three Joint Select Committees provided for in the Constitution, as well as  all  local  Commonwealth  Parliamentary  Association  conferences.