Eternal Flame

As a temporary measure, sittings of both the Lower and Upper Houses (two each) were held at the Auditorium of the Central Bank, but with the opening of the Fifth Session of the Third Parliament on November 5, 1990, sittings were once again held in the Red House, not at its customary place, but at the southern Chamber. It was not until July 26, 1991, that the traditional Chamber was restored to its original status, and Parliament reconvened in that Chamber with a rededication and memorial service, in which a commemorative plaque bearing the names of all those killed in and around the Red House, was unveiled. An eternal flame, symbolising the need to be ever-vigilant in the protection of our democracy was also lit outside. It stood atop the marble cenotaph on the eastern lawn and is inscribed with the Oath of Allegiance of Members of Parliament, the National Anthem, the Affirmation of the People and the names of the victims of the attempted coup. The Eternal Flame and marble cenotaph have now been permanently erected along the pedestrianised Knox Street.