Phase 1 Launch – Electronic Repository

On Friday November 30, 2012, the Office of the Parliament launched Phase 1 of its new electronic repository. This repository will be accessed using iPads which will be distributed to all Members of Parliament over the course of the next 2 months. Using their iPads, Members of Parliament would be able to interact with the Rotunda, which is the mobile application through which the electronic repository is accessed.

The first group of Members to receive their iPads were the presiding officers and the Members of the House Committees of the Senate and the House of Representatives. The mandate of the House Committees is to consider and advise the President of the Senate/Speaker of the House on matters connected to the comfort and convenience of Members of the respective Houses.

The Committees are chaired by Hon. Dr.  Roodal Moonilal in the case of the House of Representatives and Sen. the Hon. Ganga Singh in the case of the Senate.


Sen. the Hon. Timothy Hamel-Smith, President of the Senate, receives his iPad from Mr. Garreth Ferguson, Information Systems Manager, Office of the Parliament.