Senator the Honourable Verna St. Rose Greaves


Ms. Verna St. Rose Greaves was first appointed an Opposition Senator on Tuesday March 2, 2010. Following the General Election of May 24, 2010, she was again appointed a Senator, this time as Minister of Gender, Youth and Child Development.

Ms. Greaves is a social worker by profession, and a mother of five children; she is also a revered feminist, counsellor, social activist and a motivational speaker. Her skills entail Gender Studies, Industrial Relations, Mediation and Human Rights.

Ms. Greaves’ passion is driven by her desire for development issues and regional integration (she has participated in several programs in pursuance of economic and social development in Trinidad and Tobago and the region). She has tried to obtain this goal by her various roles as a competent counsellor (HIV VCT and PITC trained), facilitator and development worker. Ms. Greaves has worked with government, NGO's and as a private consultant. She has done substantial work in the areas of welfare policy, poverty alleviation, family services, gender and development, adoption of children, violence against women and children, crime and violence in the society, HIV-AIDS, and prison reform.

Over the years she has participated in a multitude of training workshops and conferences, and has presented papers locally, regionally and internationally. Her involvement in the practical training and support of social work students of the University of the West Indies informs her ongoing work on the development of a Forum for Alternative Social Work Education (FASWE): “Towards a Radical Social Work Progress and a Caribbean Perspective. The greatest evil facing us today is indifference. To know and not to act is to contribute to injustice.”

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Maiden Contribution

The Senate - Tuesday March 16, 2010
The Prisons (Amendment) Bill, 2010