Senator Nicholas Galt


Mr. Nicholas Galt served as a Temporary Independent Senator during the 9th and 10th Republican Parliaments.


Chairman/Managing Director/Founder Trinidad Systems Ltd. 80 Woodford Street, Trinidad.

Recognized Software Developer in region for more than thirty years. Various language disciplines majoring in a C based 4GL OOP Language. Began working with this language in 1979 in a procedural state and moved to its Object Oriented state in the early nineties.

Software Publications
The Retailer – 1986, The Pharmacist – 1987, The ServiceMAN – 1988, HRp releases 1 through 4 – 1990 – 1997, HRp5 Release 1.0 through 2.3 - Jan 1999 – December 2007 (Co-Authored with Peter H. van Wijk, Holland). HRp5 is recognized as the leading integrated Human Resource/Time and Attendance/Payroll application in the Caribbean.
Various Software Publications for Government and the private Sector.

Social / Community Activities
Liaison Officer of The Guillain Barre Syndrome Foundation, Philadelphia, U.S.A. for the West Indies.

Director – Youth Business Trust of Trinidad and Tobago (Prince Charles of Wales Trust)
Director - The American Chamber of Commerce of Trinidad and Tobago – (Immediate Past President)
Director - Governing Board of Directors of the Association of American Chambers of Latin America based in Washington D.C.
Campaign Committee Member – United Way

Business Affiliations
TSL Group – Chairman, Trinidad Systems Limited – Chairman, Advanced Business Systems Trinidad Ltd – Chairman, The Docucentre Ltd. – Chairman, Esprit Consultants Limited – Chairman (Previously Consulting arm of Ernst & Young), Princeton Technologies Ltd –Director, Softip Inc. – Managing Partner, TSL Leasing – Chairman, TSL Dutch Caribbean N.V. - Chairman/Joint Managing Director, TSL Jamaica – Chairman, TSL Grenada – Chairman, TSL Barbados – Chairman, TSL International – Chairman, TSL St. Lucia – Chairman, TSL St. Vincent – Chairman (New Startup), A.V.A.S.P. Ltd., - Chairman

Public / Private Sector Committees
Prime Minister’s Standing Committee on Business Development


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