The Honourable Errol E. Mahabir


Mr. Errol Mahabir served as a Minister and Member of the House of Representatives.

      Born: February 25th, 1931.

      Schools: Tranquillity Government Primary School.

      Queen’s Royal College (QRC).

      Taught for 1 year after leaving school.

      Worked at Texaco Oil Company as an Assistant Planning Superintendent.

      Gained valuable insight into energy sector and labour movement.

      1950’s- Answered the call to National Service.

      Dr. Eric Williams’ lectures got him interested in politics.

      1959 contested San Fernando Borough Corporation- became Mayor.

      1959- National Service:

      National Housing Authority (Vice – Chairman).

      Water and Sewerage Authority (Board Member).

      Carnegie Board (Chairman).

      People’s National Movement (Second Vice- Chairman).

      San Fernando Tennis Club (President).

      San Fernando carnival (development Committee Chairman).

      Entered Parliament in 1966- Member of Parliament for San Fernando West.

      Sterling Contribution to National life.


      Minister of labour and Social Security (1969).

      Minister of Industry and Commerce.

      Minister in the Ministry of Finance.

      Minister of Petroleum and Mines.

      Minister of External Affairs.

      Member of Government from 1966-1986.

      Departed politics in 1986.

      Wrote a paper entitled “Trinidad and Tobago 1970-1985: Oil wealth management in developing countries”.

      6 years experience of mayor and Deputy Mayor- San Fernando.

      Chairman of one of the Cabinet committees.

.      Derived from humble beginnings--- his father owned a rum shop.

      1984- 25th Anniversary in Public life.

      1986- Celebrate 20 years of being the PNM’s Member of San Fernando West.

      Retired in 1986.

      Contributed tremendously to the business community.

      BWI, WI Stockbrokers… MBM and ICM 99-01’.


      1965- Award from Trinidad Junior Commerce.

      1966- Named man of the year.

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