The Honourable Edward Hart

Mr. Edward (Eddie) Hart came from humble beginnings. He grew up in a children’s orphanage in Tacarigua. As a young adult, Mr. Hart developed a strong sense of responsibility for his community. It was this dedication to service and sense of self, which inspired him to initiate the Hart Connection (a community-based organization). In addition; he also founded the Eddie Hart Football league, which has acted as a strong pillar in the constituency of Tunapuna for over 42 years. Mr. Hart is also known for his people focused, service oriented nature and strong leadership skills. One of his main attributes is his strong determination to help children.Mr. Hart's political career lasted some 16 years. In 1991 and 1995 he was called to represent the constituency of Tunapuna. He contested the Tunapuna seat five times, winning on four occasions. Mr. Edward (Eddie) Hart represents a great inspiration to the youths of Trinidad and Tobago; his strong contribution to the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago is very significant as he proves that even individuals from humble beginnings can aspire to achieve. Mr. Hart is a true product of the nation’s motto: "Together we aspire: Together we achieve".