Call for Submissions – JSC Human Rights, Equality and Diversity – Equality in the Workplace

The Joint Select Committee on Human Rights, Equality and Diversity is inviting comments as it pertains to its Equality in the Workplace: The Impact of Gender on the Parity of Opportunities in the Workplace.

According to UNWOMEN, “Gender parity is another term for equal representation of women and men in a given area, for example, gender parity in organizational leadership or higher education. Working toward gender parity (equal representation) is a key part of achieving gender equality, and one of the twin strategies, alongside gender mainstreaming.”[1]

As part of its inquiry process, the Committee is inviting all stakeholders and interested persons to submit written comments / suggestions related to the following objectives of the inquiry:

  1. To examine the parity between the genders with respect to:
  • Remuneration;
  • Conditions of work;
  • Opportunities for promotion; and
  • Safe and healthy work environment.

Alternatively, written submissions should be addressed to the Secretary to the Committee as stated below or can be forwarded via email to

The Secretary
The Joint Select Committee on Human Rights, Equality and Diversity
Office of the Parliament of Trinidad and Tobago
Parliamentary Complex
Cabildo Building
St. Vincent Street

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[1] UNESCWA. Definition Gender Parity. Accessed April 11, 2024. Available: