Wednesday 25th January 2023

    12:55 a.m.A House for the Nation
    The Great Divide
    Sum of the Parts
    The Players
    Growing Pains
    3:15 a.m.CPA Youth Parliament
    4:15 a.m.Jewel on the Hill
    The Story of Canada's Parliament Buildings
    5:45 a.m.Holyrood
    The Opening of the new Scottish Parliament Building
    6:00 a.m.Milestones to Parliamentary Democracy in Trinidad and Tobago
    Trinidad in Transition
    The Quest for Self Rule
    7:10 a.m.Parliamentary Update
    Rotunda Gallery - Honouring Women
    CYP Road Show
    CYP Overview
    8:45 a.m.Meeting of the Electoral College
    Friday January 20, 2023
    11:30 a.m.Interview Corner
    Anita Haynes
    Stephen Twigg
    11:40 a.m.Sitting of the Senate
    Wednesday January 18, 2023
    12:15 p.m.What Independence Means to me
    Voices of a Free People
    12:40 p.m.Meeting of the Standing Finance Committee
    Wednesday January 18, 2023
    1:25 p.m.The Electoral College
    1:30 p.m.Live Sitting of the Senate
    11th Sitting - 3rd Session - 12th Republican Parliament
    7:30 p.m.Parliamentary Update
    CYP Road Show
    8:00 p.m.Rebroadcast of the Sitting of the Senate
    Wednesday January 25, 2023