Tuesday 20th February 2024

    1:00 a.m.Agricultural Symposium
    3:05 a.m.CPA Youth Parliament
    4:05 a.m.The Senate of Canada
    4:25 a.m.The Parliament of South Africa
    4:50 a.m.United Nations in Action
    6:00 a.m.The Red House
    The Return
    6:30 a.m.The Road to Forty-One
    8:05 a.m.Parliamentary Personalities
    ANR Robinson
    Eric St. Cyr
    9:00 a.m.The Water Riots
    9:20 a.m.Parliamentary Updates
    Red, White and Art
    9:30 a.m.Within These Walls
    Cabildo Building
    Knowsley Building
    9:40 a.m.The Process of Lawmaking
    9:50 a.m.Parliamentary Updates
    The Opening of the Parliamentary Museum
    10:00 a.m.Meeting of the JSC on State Enterprises
    Monday Februaury 19, 2024
    12:15 p.m.Parliamentary Updates
    The Opening of the Parliamentary Museum
    12:20 p.m.Within These Walls
    Woodford Square
    12:30 p.m.Parliamentary Personalities
    Wilfred Alexander
    Margaret Hector
    12:50 p.m.Maces of the Parliament of Trinidad and Tobago
    1:05 p.m.Within These Walls
    The White Hall
    Cabildo Building
    1:30 p.m.Live Sitting of the Senate
    8:30 p.m.Parliamentary Personalities
    Patrick Manning
    Audrey Jeffers
    9:30 p.m.Rebroadcast of the Sitting of the Senate