22nd Sitting of the Senate

2nd Session - 9th Republican Parliament

Tuesday 30 June, 2009
1:30 PM
Announcements By The Speaker/Deputy Speaker
Leave of Absence

The President granted Leave of Absence to Sen. the Hon. Conrad Enill and Sen. the Hon. Dr. Emily Gaynor Dick-Forde. Mr. Noel Gayle and Mr. Foster Cummings were appointed to temporarily replace Sen. Dick-Forde and Sen. Enill respectively.

Announcements By The President/Vice-President
Membership of Committee of Privileges

The President indicated that Dr. Emily Gaynor Dick-Forde would replace Mr. Jerry Narace on the Committee of Privileges of the Senate whenever the matter raised by Mr. Narace was being considered.

Six Papers

Six Papers were laid. Four were laid by the Minister of Trade and Industry and Minister in the Ministry of Finance, one by the Minister of National Security and one in the name of the Minister of Information. See the Order Paper and Supplemental Order Paper for details.

Questions To Ministers: Oral Answer
26 Questions

26 Questions qualify for oral answer. Seven Questions were answered (88,124,143,149,154,155,156) and the rest deferred. See the Order Paper.

Questions To Ministers: Written Answer
15 Questions

15 Questions qualify for written answer. See the Order Paper.

Government Business: Bills Second Reading
The Family Court Bill, 2009

The Attorney General moved the Second Reading of the Family Court Bill, 2009. Following the Attorney General, some nine Senators made contributions before debate was suspended.

The Senate adjourned to Tuesday July 7, 2009 at 1:30 p.m.

At its next sitting the Senate is expected to debate a Land Acquisition Motion (See the Order Paper), as well as the Metrology (Amendment) Bill, 2009. The Senate adjourned at 8:03 p.m.