House of Representatives


Establishment of JSC – Green Paper on Integrity Legislation

- 1st Session - 5th Republican Parliament

WHEREAS the Green Paper on integrity legislation was tabled in the House of Representatives on Friday, February 02, 1996 and in the Senate on Tuesday, February 06, 1996;

BE IT RESOLVED that a Joint Select Committee of Parliament be established to receive and consider the comments of members of the public and to submit recommendations to Parliament thereon.

(By the Attorney General)

3 May 1996
House DebateHansard
3 speakersShow Speakers
1.Mr. Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj SC [Couva South] [Attorney General]
2.The Honourable Kenneth Valley [Diego Martin Central] [Opposition Chief Whip]
3.Mr. Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj SC [Couva South] [Attorney General]