Mr. Hansley Hanoomansingh

Mr. Hansley Hanoomansingh was the youngest Member of Parliament in the year 1966. Mr. Hanoomansingh represented Caroni East as a member of the Democratic Labour party (DLP) in the Second Independent Parliament. His formative years began in the village of Las Lomas and Cunupia. It was at Presentation College he fostered a spirit of debating and communicating with others. Prior to the DLP era, he was heavily involved in cultural activities, radio and broadcasting. It was his love for country, inspiration by Dr. Eric Williams, Dr. Rrudranath Capildeo and his strong conviction of a political philosophy (democratic socialism), which positioned him in politics.

In the political arena, Mr. Hanoomansingh’s attributes incorporated his humble, ambitious, and persistent nature. On leaving politics, he returned to his former passion, culture and radio broadcasting. Mr. Hanoomansingh has made immeasurable contributions in the cultural arena. One of the pioneers in promoting Indian culture, he is known for his role  as the President of the National Council of Indian Culture; he is also known for his strong devotion to the development of Divali Naghar.

In 1990, Mr. Hanoomansingh received the Humming Bird Gold medal for his contribution in culture and broadcasting.

Mr. Hanoomansingh is one of the featured personalities on the Parliament Channel.