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This area allows access to different publications and documents generated by the work of both Houses of Parliament. Links to each area can be found on the menu to the left:


The Progress of Bills can be found here, with House and Senate Bills listed (by Session) in alphabetical order. The latest progress of each Bill can be seen to the absolute right. Here is a legend of the icons:

Progress in the House of Representatives

Progress in the Senate

Action taken by the President of the Republic

Acts of Parliament

The full text of all Acts of Parliament passed since Act 2 of 1999 is accessible in this area of the website. All laws of Trinidad and Tobago can be found on the Ministry of Legal Affairs website. This website is not maintained or updated by the Office of the Parliament.


Links to all electronic Hansard debates can be found here. When data entry is complete, the Hansard Debates of the entire 5th-9th republican Parliaments will be accessible here, as well as most of the 4th Republican Parliament. In addition, some sittings of the 3rd Parliament, including Friday July 27th, 1990, PDF Icon the day of the attempted coup, will be posted.

Standing Orders

Links to the full text of the Standing Orders of the House of Representatives and the Senate

Committee Reports

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