1. Affirm the Prison (Amendment) Rules, 2009
  2. Appointment of Senate Members - Joint Select Committees
  3. Confirm the Customs (Import Duty)(Caribbean Common Market)(Amendment) Order, 2009
  4. Confirm the Excise Duty (Alcoholic Beverages) Order, 2009
  5. Confirm the Excise Duty (Tobacco Products) Order, 2009
  6. Increase in Borrowing - Development Loans Act
  7. Land Acquisition
  8. Land Acquisition - Mason Hall Secondary School
  9. Land Acquisition - St. Paul Street Community Centre Parking Facilities and Carenage Health Centre
  10. Private Motion: Annul the National Insurance Board Regulations, 2008
  11. Private Motion: Annul the RHA (Conduct) Regulations
  12. Private Motion: Consultation with Cane Farmers on Drawdown of EU Funds
  13. Private Motion: Election Campaign Financing
  14. Private Motion: Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative
  15. Private Motion: Government's Conduct in the Financial Affairs of the State
  16. Private Motion: Implementation of Equal Opportunity Legislation
  17. Private Motion: Private Security Industry Standards and Regulations
  18. Private Motion: Water and Sewerage Authority
  19. Referral of Standing Orders to the Standing Orders Committee of the Senate