1. Approve the Children's Authority Regulations, 2014
  2. Approve the Children's Community Residences Regulations, 2014
  3. Approve the Excise Duty (Compressed Natural Gas) Order, 2013
  4. Approve the Foster Care Regulations, 2014
  5. Approve the Tobacco Control Regulations, 2013
  6. Approve the Water Improvement Rate (Point Lisas Industrial Estate)(Variation) Order, 2011
  7. Commitment to Democracy
  8. Increase in Borrowing - Development Loans Act
  9. Increase in Borrowing - Guarantee of Loans (Companies) Act
  10. Land Acquisition
  11. Motion: Adopt the Second Interim Report - JSC Public Procurement and Central Tenders Board
  12. Motion: Appoint JSC - Legislative Proposals - The Prevention of Corruption Act
  13. Motion: State of the Economy
  14. Private Motion: Deficiencies in the Police Service
  15. Private Motion: Efficiency and Effectiveness of Parliament
  16. Private Motion: Election Campaign Financing
  17. Private Motion: The Process of Constitutional Reform
  18. Review of the Regional Health Authority System in Trinidad and Tobago