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11th Republican Parliament

The Committee on National Security

Committee Type: Joint Committee Business
Date Appointed: 13 Nov 2015
Secretary: Jacqueline Sampson-Meiguel; Johnson Greenidge (624-7275 ext. 2227/2232)
Email: jscnationalsecurity@ttparliament.org
Member Party Appointment
Mr. Fitzgerald Hinds (Chairman) PNM 13 Nov 2015 - Present
Ms. Nicole Olivierre PNM 13 Nov 2015 - Present
Mr. Faris Al-Rawi PNM 13 Nov 2015 - Present
Mr. Nigel De Freitas PNM 17 Nov 2015 - Present
Mr. Paul Richards Independent 19 Dec 2016 - Present
Mr. Prakash Ramadhar COP 13 Nov 2015 - Present

Former Members
Mr. W. Michael Coppin PNM 17 Nov 2015 - 24 Aug 2017
Mr. Wayne Sturge UNC 17 Nov 2015 - 28 Sep 2017
Mr. Taurel Shrikissoon Independent 17 Nov 2015 - 18 Dec 2016

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The Committee on National Security shall have the duty of considering, from time to time, and reporting whenever necessary, on all matters related to the national security policy of Trinidad and Tobago.
In particular, the Committee shall be authorized to examine
(a) the security, safety and protection of citizens;
(b) the working relationships between the various agencies involved in intelligence gathering, and how they collect, co-ordinate, analyse and disseminate information and how these functions might be enhanced; and
(c) the mechanisms to review the performance and activities of the various agencies involved in National Security and critical infrastructure.