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10th Republican Parliament

Public Accounts (Enterprises) Committee

Committee Type: Joint Committee Business
Date Appointed: 17 Sep 2010
Secretary: Ms. Keiba Jacob, Tel: 624-7275 Ext. 2250
Email: paec@ttparliament.org
Member Party Appointment
Mrs. Camille Robinson-Regis (Chairman) PNM 10 Dec 2013 - Present
Mr. Rudranath Indarsingh UNC 17 Sep 2010 - Present
Mr. Errol Mc Leod MSJ 17 Sep 2010 - Present
Mr. Colm Imbert PNM 17 Sep 2010 - Present
Mr. Fazal Karim UNC 12 Oct 2010 - Present
Mrs. Paula Gopee-Scoon PNM 1 Apr 2011 - Present
Dr. Rolph Balgobin Independent 16 Oct 2012 - Present
Ms. Marlene Coudray UNC 20 Nov 2012 - Present
Mr. Chandresh Sharma UNC 18 Jul 2014 - Present
Mr. Kwasi Mutema NJAC 3 Mar 2015 - Present

Former Members
Dr. Keith Rowley PNM 17 Sep 2010 - 31 Mar 2011
Mr. Herbert Volney UNC 17 Sep 2010 - 9 Sep 2013
Mr. Basharat Ali Independent 12 Oct 2010 - 31 Aug 2012
Mr. Embau Moheni NJAC 12 Oct 2010 - 2 Feb 2015
Mr. Subhas Panday UNC 12 Oct 2010 - 26 Jun 2011
Mr. Fitzgerald Hinds PNM 12 Oct 2010 - 3 Dec 2013
Dr. Bhoendradatt Tewarie COP 9 Sep 2011 - 19 Nov 2012

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Section 119 of the Constitution states:

  1. In addition to the Public Accounts Committee established under subsection (1) there shall be a Public Accounts (Enterprises) Committee which shall consist of not less than six nor more than ten members,
  2. The Chairman of the Public Accounts (Enterprises) Committee shall be one of the Senators, if any, and if willing to act, appointed under section 40(2)(b) in accordance with the advice of the Leader of the Opposition and the other members such members of the House of Representatives and Senators as the House of Representatives may determine.
  3. Where the members of the Opposition in the Senate are unwilling to act as Chairman of the Public Accounts (Enterprises) Committee, a member of the Opposition in the House of Representatives shall be appointed and where the members of the Opposition in the House of Representatives are unwilling so to act, one of the Senators appointed by the President under section 40(2)(c) shall be appointed Chairman.
  4. The Public Accounts (Enterprises) Committee shall consider and report to the House of Representatives on:

    1. the audited accounts, balance sheets and other financial statements of all enterprises that are owned or controlled by or on behalf of the
      State; and
    2. the Auditor General's report on any such accounts, balance sheets and other financial statements.

  5. For the purposes of subsection (8) and section 116(3) an enterprise shall be taken to be controlled by the State if the Government or any body controlled by the Government—

    1. exercises or is entitled to exercise control directly or indirectly over the affairs of the enterprise;
    2. is entitled to appoint a majority of the directors of the Board of Directors of the enterprise; or
    3. holds at least fifty per cent of the ordinary share capital of the enterprise, as the case may be.

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