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1st Session of the 10th Republican Parliament

Private Motion: The Process of Constitutional Reform

WHEREAS successive governments/administrations have alluded to the need for constitutional reform;

AND WHEREAS the previous People's National Movement administration tabled in Parliament and circulated for public comment, a blue print for constitutional reform;

AND WHEREAS the current People's Partnership administration had indicated during the election campaign that certain constitutional reform measures are to be pursued;

AND WHEREAS the repeal and replacement of the entire Constitution may not be the necessary, desirable or effective approach to better align the overall requirements of the nation for a more just and equitable society and enhanced governance;

BE IT RESOLVED that the process of constitutional reform be pursued through a series of amendments addressing specific areas of concerns;

AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the rationale for, as well as the scheduling and sequencing of each series of proposed amendments to the Constitution, be effectively communicated to the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago prior to debate in the Parliament.

(By Senator Subhas Ramkhelawan)

First Debated: 22-Feb-2011
Speakers in the:
22-Feb-2011 Senate Debate - Day 1 | Hansard PDF icon (622.4 kb)
Sen Subhas Ramkhelawan [Independent Senator]
Sen. Lyndira Oudit [Vice-President of the Senate]
Sen. Helen Drayton [Independent Senator]
Sen. Rabindra Moonan [Government Senator (Temporary)]
22-Mar-2011 Senate Debate - Day 2 | Hansard PDF icon (516.6 kb)
Sen. Prof. Harold Ramkissoon [Independent Senator]
Sen. David Abdulah [Government Senator]
Sen. Dr. Rolph Balgobin [Independent Senator]
Sen. Embau Moheni [Government Senator]
10-May-2011 Senate Debate - Day 3 | Hansard PDF icon (433.0 kb)
Sen. Embau Moheni [Government Senator]
Sen. Fitzgerald Hinds [Opposition Senator]
31-May-2011 Senate Debate - Day 4 | Hansard PDF icon (978.7 kb)
Sen. Dr. Victor Wheeler [Independent Senator]
Sen. the Hon. Vasant Bharath [Minister of Food Production, Land and Marine Affairs]
Sen. Shamfa Cudjoe [Opposition Senator]
Sen. Dr. James Armstrong [Independent Senator]
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